Whispering City 1947 Film Noir Crime Drama Classic Full Movie

Whispering City is a film noir set in Quebec City, Canada, in 1947. It revolves around a murder plot orchestrated by a ruthless lawyer, Albert Frédéric, who manipulates a composer, Michel Lacoste, into killing a reporter, Mary Roberts, who is investigating a case that Frédéric wants to keep buried. However, Lacoste and Roberts fall in love and discover Frédéric’s scheme, and try to expose him before he silences them.

The film was directed by Fedor Ozep and starred Paul Lukas as Frédéric, Mary Anderson as Roberts, and Helmut Dantine as Lacoste. It was filmed in both English and French versions, with different actors for the French version. The film features scenic locations in Quebec City and Montmorency Falls, as well as a musical score by André Mathieu. Whispering City is considered one of the first Canadian film noirs and a rare example of a Canadian film that achieved international distribution at the time.

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