Whitey Bulger and The Winter Hill Gang | FULL DOCUMENTARY

NSTLKIA presents ‘Whitey’, our newest documentary on the dark and brutal history of one of the East Coast’s most notorious gangsters: James “Whitey” Bulger.

Bulger got a start in the South Boston underworld through local youth gangs before rising up following the Boston Irish gang war. He used his connections to the FBI through agent John Connolly to takeover the Irish gang scene in Boston, and for over a decade following, he and his two closest associates: Stephen Flemmi and Kevin Weeks, would rule Boston with an iron fist.

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Chapter 1: 2:12
Chapter 2: 7:55
Chapter 3: 13:28
Chapter 4: 20:09
Chapter 5: 28:23
Chapter 6: 35:02
Chapter 7: 41:23
Chapter 8: 47:22
Chapter 9: 55:35

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