Who Is the Ice Truck Killer in Dexter?


  • Dexter is a forensic technician who secretly kills murderers to enforce his adoptive father’s code of ethics.
  • The Ice Truck Killer, Dexter’s biological brother, challenges his need to kill and forces him to confront his past.
  • In the end, Dexter chooses to protect his family and kills Brian, revealing the consequences of his dark passenger.

Ever since debuting on Showtime in October 2006 (and lasting seven more years), Dexter has gripped audiences when it comes to the story revolving around Michael Hall’s titular character. To all of those around him, Dexter Morgan is a seemingly inconspicuous individual who just enjoys being a forensic technician for the Miami Metro Police Department — albeit a little too much. But under the guise of a crime scene surveyor whose specialty lies in blood splatter, the main character of this award-winning crime show is actually a serial killer who ends the lives of murderers who somehow escaped the justice system.

While committing these secret acts of vigilantism, Dexter is constantly reminded of his adoptive father’s (played by Harry Morgan) code of ethics, which has helped him to become a productive member of society. Even though he holds his own with a notable career, a content but also eventful relationship with his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz), and numerous work colleagues who appreciate him for his work (mixed in with some tension at times), Dexter always seems to find himself in a struggle with what he deems as his dark passenger — that is, his need to kill. Arguably, the show’s best villain, the Ice Truck Killer, forces Dexter to deal with this issue in the worst way possible.


Release Date
October 1, 2006


The Ice Truck Killer Likes to Toy with DexterDexter and Brian Moser

The very first episode of the series introduces the tendencies of this mysterious antagonist to not only the audience but also our main character and the entire MMPD. Not only does this meticulous slasher cut up the victim at specific bodily points, but he also preserves the body by draining the blood and chilling the corpse. The Ice Truck Killer also starts playing mind games with Dexter himself by placing small doll parts in various locations within our favorite forensic investigator’s apartment. Any sane person would be jilted by the sudden arrival of creepy little limbs within their living quarters, but Dexter is amused and even captivated by the sight, which increases his interest in this elusive fellow killer.

In contrast, the killer also toys with detectives by placing actual severed limbs around Miami in places that are special to Dexter’s childhood. Surprisingly, the victim of all these numerous dismemberments is rescued and this is how we are introduced to Rudy Cooper, a prosthetics expert. To make a long story short, Cooper’s real name is Brian Moser and Moser is the Ice Truck Killer. In turn, The Ice Truck Killer is in fact Dexter’s biological brother. It’s obviously a lot to sift through, so let’s break it down. Moser first appears in the fifth episode of the first season. But if that’s the case, why hasn’t Dexter recognized him (besides the fact that he is under the moniker of another person)?

Coming to Terms With His Past


That’s because Dexter has some significant repressed memories from the day he and his brother were rescued from their mother’s murder scene. Dexter (three years old) and Brian (five) were forced to watch their mother Laura being dismembered by a high-ranking drug kingpin and his goons. This horrific event was a result of these criminals finding out that she was actually an informant for the MMPD. This all happened within the confines of a small shipping container, and then the two small children were locked inside for two whole days before law enforcement arrived.

There is really no wonder why Dexter (and Brian, for that matter) are so disturbed. While Dexter’s younger self was ultimately saved and adopted by Harry Morgan (the same one who instilled a killing code into him through the years), Brian was given a colder approach and sent to a mental hospital where he was never taught how to control his own dark passenger. That’s how he so easily kills others in order to get Dexter’s attention.


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Audiences all across the world were captivated by the blood splatter analyst-turned-serial killer Dexter Morgan in the acclaimed crime drama Dexter.

Now that the flashback has brought us up to speed, the question now becomes: how does Brian get close to Dexter without revealing his true serial killing nature? Well, he forms a relationship with Dexter’s sister. She falls madly in love with him while he’s faking it the whole time. In a desperate attempt to get Dexter to resort to his real persona, Brian puts pressure on Dexter’s bad memories by luring him to his true childhood home.

Once there and in that space, Dexter finally realizes who Brian is. But this deadly reunion is brought to a standstill when Dexter comes upon an unconscious Debrah whom Brian has set up just the same way Dexter sets his victims up. Thankfully, Dexter fights against his urges just in time for the MMPD to show up. In the midst of all this commotion, Brian gets away.

Stopping the Past From Meeting His Present

As you can already see, this one man is the single source that Dexter can show his true self to. He doesn’t have to feel burdened any longer. But in saying that, our main character comes out of the spell because he doesn’t kill innocents, especially those that he considers family. Even after a rather thrilling evening, Brian comes to Dexter’s apartment later that night to settle the score. While sneaking up on a fake Debra (made up of plastic limbs), Dexter comes up behind him and ends up putting Brian on his own contraption table.

The final scene is surprisingly scarring to viewers as Dexter ends up showing emotion for the person he has to kill this time around. Before Brian has a chance to finish his statement about their fated similarities, he is given a death blow and finally, all is resolved with the Ice Truck Killer — or for those now in the know, Dexter’s brother.


The Ending of Dexter Was Revealed Way Before the Finale

Dexter was one of the best series with one of the worst endings, but the underwhelming finale moment was actually predicted long before.

As this all took place within just the first season, many more antagonists would come to be featured in this long-running crime show from Showtime. In saying that though, there was definitely something special about all the possibilities that Brian Moser brought to Dexter. What would he be without his father’s code? Where would he be? Would he still be alive if he let his dark passenger take over? Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t know the answer to these questions.

All eight seasons of Dexter are now available to stream on Netflix.