WHY is clue? (truth & the philosophy of the whodunit)

what is truth? what is mystery? what was Edgar Allen Poe thinking? join me in discussing the WHO the WHAT and the WHERE of the the 1985 black comedy CLUE 👌🏻

General Sources (no subscription needed):

police stats/facts:

University of Utah College of Law Research Paper No. 422 “Crime and Mythology of Police”

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00:00 Intro
02:17 Part 1 “The FACTS”
03:25 Victim: Clue
16:42 Suspect: Aristotle
30:00 Part 1.2 “The WHO”
32:36 Suspect: Aggie
45:35 Suspect: EAP
53:31 Part 1.4 “The DUN” (Suspect: Detecting)
01:04:04 Suspect: Truth Itself
01:21:23 Part 1.6 “The IT” (Suspect: Oedipus Redux)
01:31:54 Part 2 “The EVIDENCE”
01:32:22 Suspect: The Ethics Section
01:44:13 Suspect: Semiotics
01:51:53 Part 3 “Elizabeth Sits Back and THINKS”
02:02:43 Honorable Mentions


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