Wu Tang Collection – Bruce Lee: Fist of Unicorn

Director: Tong Dick
Cast: Bruce Lee, Unicorn Chan, Hwang In Shik, Yasasuki Kurata, Kitty Meng, ALan Hasu

Lung lives the peaceful life of a vagabond, but always being on the road with no friends or future can really take its toll over time. One day Lung befriends a young acrobat named Tiger and accepts an invitation to stay with the boy and his mother in exchange for his services as a handyman. However, peaceful days turn to memories when Tiger insults a man in public. That man is Wong, the eldest son of the boss of a criminal organization. During that day, Wong tried to make advances on a beautiful girl who was part of a group of travelling acrobats, but the girl rejected him only to be confronted by Wong’s henchmen later on. During the conflict, most of the acrobat performers were killed. Barely alive, the girl escapes to end up under Lung and Tiger’s protection.

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