Zack Snyder Explains Rebel Moon and Answers Fans’ Questions

On the final night of Netflix’s Geeked Week, filmmaker Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) sat down to provide commentary on the newly released trailer for his upcoming epic, Rebel Moon. The massive space opera is positioning itself as the start of a new franchise to rival Star Wars, and both Snyder and Netflix are certainly putting enough time, money, and hype into it. The response has been largely enthusiastic from audiences; just the teaser trailer gained 12 million view on YouTube alone, and today’s new trailer gained 500 thousand views in three hours.

The Rebel Moon showcase from Snyder began streaming live at 7:30pm EST, and can be watched retrospectively below:

When asked what he was most excited for Rebel Moon viewers to see when the film debuts on Netflix Dec. 22, Snyder teasingly said:

“Well, there’s a lot of stuff that I can’t wait for people to experience and enjoy, because we had a great time making it. As I said, I think it’s really this opportunity to sort of dig into a new mythology and dork out a little bit on the sort of edges of this universe, because we’ve done a lot of work to make them worth getting into, because there’s an answer in there. It’s not random. It’s not just ’cause I find it fun, though I hope fans do too.”

He also elaborated on his attraction to broken heroes overcoming their past, stating, “Redemptive stories, I guess I just find it really mythological and kind of interesting. These characters that, through the course of the movie, through the actions of the film, through the crucible that they’re going through, they need to fulfill something in themselves, whether it’s simple or whether it’s complex, or like in Sucker Punch, whether it’s a girl or whether it’s a king. The struggle to be redeemed, or to find your place, is really a thing I’ve always been fascinated by.”

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Snyder also described his favorite prop or costume in Rebel Moon, providing some backstory:

“The obvious one is [Admiral Atticus] Noble’s bone staff that he carries around. The idea was that it was a relic from the mother world, a mythological relic, that apparently there was some creature that, when the first of the royal family were born hundreds of thousands of years ago, the very first king was carried across a desert by this animal, and that [staff] is the femur of that giraffe-like creature that carried him. But obviously, that’s not the actual one, because if you look very closely at the staff, it’s just got a little window and there’s a little bit of bone in there. So the implication is that, maybe it’s inside there or maybe that’s all they had left. So it’s a very important piece of mythological history.”

Zack Snyder Geeks Out About Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon

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December 22, 2023

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“I really can’t wait for audiences to strap in and get shot into this world, to have the experience and go along with these characters on the journey that they went on,” gushed Snyder, obviously enthusiastic to discuss his project. “I’m so excited to share Rebel Moon with you. I’ve been planning and working on this epic story for over 30 years.” Snyder’s breakdown of the trailer was fascinating, providing small behind-the-scenes tidbits while also adding more information about the lore behind these characters (which he discusses like a proud father).

Snyder was also asked what his favorite anime of all time was, and here was his response:

You know, as a filmmaker you have to say Akira. You just have to, because it’s fundamental. If you don’t say that you’re in the weeds, which is also fine. We are doing a lot of Demon Slayer at my house right now, and so it kind of runs the gamut.

He went on to describe the relationship between his work (and Western media as a whole in the past two decades) and anime, saying, “It’s an incredible boomerang, and I’m a huge fan of the influence, and then being influenced and then influencing back. It’s a nice tennis game for everyone to be playing well. And also I think we’re at the point now in culture where everything’s available all the time to everyone. And so it becomes nonlinear. I think when I was growing up, I was being influenced by movies like Akira, or Conan the Barbarian, or Heavy Metal, or whatever. It kind of happens, like bricks being put up and piled on top of each other. I think now it goes up and down and sideways. And I think that’s really fun.”

Snyder also said that he loves a good turkey sandwich, so, you know, breaking news. You can watch the newly released final trailer for Rebel Moon below: