ZANE GREY THEATER: “MISS JENNY” Vera Miles, Ben Cooper Stars. 1-7-1960. [YOU TUBE PREMIERE]. (HD).

(In High Definition) You Tube Premiere presents episode from Zane Grey Episode “Miss Jenny” Season 4, Episode 14. Air Date – January 7, 1960. Plot – Jenny Breckenridge is unhappy with her life. She would much rather be back in the city, where she comes from. than out west with her husband, a lazy drunk. A good-looking young cowboy who stops by sparks her interest, but then the man announces that he has a plan–he’s going to take Jenny as his own, and to show that he means business he shoots her husband.
Complete Cast & Crew Starring, Vera Miles – as Jenny Breckenridge, Ben Cooper – as Darryl Thompson, Adam Williams – as Harlan Breckenridge,
Jack Elam – as Little Jimmy Lehigh,Tony Haig – as Alex Lehigh, Linda Bennett – as Cora Lehigh, Dick Powell – as The Self – Host (uncredited). Directed by
Sam Peckinpah.


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